Chatbox configuration

This section provides general knowledge and considerations for configuring your GroupFi Chatbox. GroupFi offers a wide range of configuration options. Define your strategy and make informed choices before working with your technical team. For tailored configuration options and suggestions, feel free to contact us.

General Configurations

Light and Dark Mode

Chatbox supports both bright and dark modes. :

  • Bright Mode (by dafult): Recommended if your website is dark.

  • Dark Mode: Recommended if your website is bright.

Group Levels (For Token-Based Groups Only)

Each token can have up to five groups (Crab, Fish, Seal, Shark, Whale) based on entry thresholds. Your configuration strategy should align with your operational goals:

  • Highlight Large Holders: Add the Shark and/or Whale groups.

  • Enhance User Engagement: Add the Crab and/or Fish groups, as they typically have more members.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Add all five groups if desired.

Add an Announcement Group (optional)

An announcement group is a special type of group used exclusively for official communications. Typically, only your marketing team can post in this group to share important updates directly on your website. Users will be able to react to your announcements but cannot send messages. To add an announcement feature in the Chatbox, follow these steps:

  1. Issue an Announcement NFT: Create a set of NFTs specifically for announcements. This set may have a small total number, with one NFT per person authorized to send announcements.

  2. Register the NFT Group: Inform GroupFi staff to register this NFT group, following the same process as for regular NFT groups.

  3. Configure on Website: Instruct your technical personnel to configure this group as an announcement group.

Other Recommendations

Single Project Management

For token/NFT owners, gaming projects, etc.:

  • Add the same group list to every page of your website.

  • Align the number of groups with your objectives. For example, add a low-threshold group for more participants and higher activity levels; stick to high-threshold groups for exclusivity and privacy.

Multi-Project Platform Management

For DEXs, marketplaces, Web3 information platforms, etc.:

  • Consider page-based group configuration.

  • Align your group configuration with your promotion and growth strategy. For example, configure chat groups for trending coins, NFTs, or strategic partners.

For further assistance, feel free to contact us! :)

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