Group registration

Why Registrating a Group?

Although groups are naturally formed based on digital assets (tokens and NFTs) existing on-chain, they need to be registered in GroupFi to become usable by any dApp. You can either register a new token/NFT group and add it to your dApp, or add groups that already exist.

Once a group is registered, any dApp can integrate it, and messages will be shared across different dApps.

Only project owners with their own token or NFT need to register their groups. Multi-project platforms, such as DEXs, NFT marketplaces, or Web3 information platforms that have not issued their own tokens, can directly use the token/NFT groups already registered.

How to Register a Group?

If you are a project owner, search here to see whether the corresponding groups have already been registered. If your token/NFT groups have not yet been registered, please contact us for registration.

When we get back to you, please have the following information ready:

  • The chain ID of your token/NFT

  • Your token/NFT contract address

Once the group is registered, your technical personnel can add the group to your website.

Supported Groups:

For token-based groups, we support the creation of up to five groups corresponding to different thresholds per token. Only users who hold more than the threshold amount of tokens can speak in the group.

Threshold (holding percentage)Group Name


“Tokenname” Crab


“Tokenname” Fish


“Tokenname” Seal


“Tokenname” Shark


“Tokenname” Whale

For NFT-based groups, we support the creation of one group per collection. Only those who hold the NFT can speak in the group. This type of group can also be used for project announcements, which we call an "Announcement group." This type of group is gated by staff-only NFTs, ensuring that only authorized personnel can post announcements.

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